Sovereign Associates is excited to announce a brand new partnership with Buunni Coffee. We’ve expressed our admiration for this delicious Ethiopian coffee shop before on our blog (check it out on our website!), and are looking forward to further supporting this wonderful business. Buunni Coffee recently partnered with Bread and Yoga and Zena Group in a Kickstarter to raise funds for a live performance space. They successfully raised their goal of $26,820 of their $25,000 goal with 398 backers just a month ago! The Buunni Performance Space will present live performance (music and theater), artwork (fine art and photography), literature (readings and poetry) and social justice and wellness programming (lectures and workshops), with the mission to serve the diverse community of upper Manhattan. They plan on showcasing local talent, providing world-class entertainment and sharing transformational ideas, thus making the brand new Buunni Performance Space a go-to spot in New York City!


Sovereign’s donation will go to a performer’s fund to support the local artists and musicians sharing their art and talents in the Buunni Performance Space. We hope you’ll come out and enjoy a great night out at the Buunni Performance Space starting this fall and support the local community and artists.


Sovereign Associates is proud to announce that we are now an Official sponsor of Columbia Athletics! Columbia holds a special place in our hearts, not only because our office is just a few blocks away from campus, but also because Greg was student-athlete at Columbia (class of ’82) on the swim team and graduated with a BS in Operations Research. The benefits of athletics are innumerable, but perhaps one of the most important thing it does is bring people together, and that is something for which Sovereign firmly stands. As a program dedicated to academic and athletic excellence, Sovereign is excited to support Columbia Athletics and its many amazing student-athletes. Roar Lions Roar!




At Sovereign Associates, we are not only your real estate guides, we are your neighbors!  We live, work, and play in the areas that we service.  Recently we began looking for a more formal way to give back to the community. We did a lot of research, there are so many admirable and noble organizations around us. ​We finally settled on StreetSquash.​

StreetSquash was founded in the Fall of 1999 to provide comprehensive youth enrichment programs.  These programs combine "academic tutoring, squash instruction, community service, college preparation, leadership development, and mentoring for young people ages 11-24."      

At Sovereign Associates, we strive to help our clients find their dream apartment within their budget, and in a neighborhood that suits their needs. StreetSquash helps young people to pursue their dreams through ongoing academic, athletic, and individual support. 

We look forward to working alongside StreetSquash and hope that you will join us.