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MindBodySoul Yoga Studio in Upper NYC

February 28,2017 | By Adrivel Ruiz

This interview is part of a series to help newcomers and longtime residents of “The Heights” neighborhood in Upper Manhattan learn more about the lifestyle, stores and professional services in Washington Heights, where I live and work. I had the opportunity to interview one of my favorite yoga instructors at MindBodySoul Yoga Studio located on Fort Washington Avenue between 174th an...

Things to Know Before You Move to New York City

February 17,2017 | By Staff Editor

For decades, New York City has been epitomized as the epicenter of American success, a place where careers are born, dreams are realized, and culture is defined. The allure of living here has been further perpetuated by Hollywood’s version of the Big Apple, in which everyone works glamorous 9-5s and parties like there’s no tomorrow. But what is it really like to move here, to live and ...

Espresso Matto Cafe in Hamilton Heights

February 9,2017 | By Adrivel Ruiz

Have you heard about Espresso Matto? It’s a unique coffee house with several locations in Manhattan and I recently had the opportunity to meet with Jessica, manager of the Espresso Matto on Broadway between 142nd and 143rd Streets in the Hamilton Heights/West Harlem neighborhood. A friend told me they not only have great coffee, they also display incredible artwork, and so I stopped b...

The United Palace Theater in Washington Heights

February 2,2017 | By Greg Healy

The United Palace is a multi-function community center originally built as a Lowe’s theatre in 1930 and now acting as a church, live music venue, and non-profit cultural center. It is also the location for film shoots, so you may recognize it when you go inside. My wife and I have been to concerts there and really enjoy the venue. We saw Elvis Costello twice, and others of our favorite pe...

Neighborhood Mural Art in the Bronx

December 9,2016 | By Greg Healy

I was really impressed to discover what a non-profit organization called "501 See Streets" is doing to beautify our city. They create mural art, and have painted many murals in an area my apartment rental offices serve, namely the Bronx. You may have passed these and other murals and not been aware that there is an organization behind it. Since 2014, 501 See Streets has worked to revital...

Greg Healy Wins Award 10 Best Real Estate Professionals for Client Satisfaction

August 30,2016 | By Sovereign Associates

Greg Healy Wins Award “10 Best Real Estate Professionals in New York State for Client Satisfaction” from the American Institute of Real Estate Professionals. Gregory Healy, principal broker of Sovereign Associates, Inc., has been awarded a plaque for being one of the “10 Best” Real Estate Agents in the state of New York.

How to Get Your NYC Identification Card

July 15,2016 | By Greg Healy

Did you know that the free New York City identification card (“IDNYC”) offers a long list of benefits to enjoy New York City to its fullest? And it’s easy to get your own card. All you need is proof that you live in NYC (such as your apartment lease and a Con Ed bill) and your government-issued photo ID (drivers license, identification card, passport, etc.) "NYC" incl...